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Airfield Concrete

Due to the live loads and the touchdown impact forces of the planes during the landing, one of the most challenging concrete Works are Runway Concrete Works of Airfield Pavements.

Those pavements require special design, proper concrete manufacturing and pouring with higher flexural and compressive strength and with lower concrete slump, along with grooved surfaces for maximized friction that the peaks of the grooves also enables continuous tire and concrete connection during rain . Some of the airfield buildings have almost same importance with the pavements; Avionic House Buildings, Hush Houses etc.


Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) and Dam Projects

How Dams Rise with MEKA

What is Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)?

RCC has essentially the same components like any other concrete but with different ratios with partial replacement of cement by fly ash and much less amount of water. The mix is very dry and has 0 slump, which makes it harder to mix and it requires prolonged mixing cycles and more powerful and robust concrete mixers to be used. It is impossible to transport it with a mixer truck so the mix is normally discharged to a dump truck and for the same reason it can only be paved and after that compacted with a heavy vibratory on non-vibratory roller cylinder.


For A Successful Concrete Road Project Professionals Choose Meka

The mighty Concrete – a traditional hard, rigid and durable construction material of all times. Our one and only choice for raising the buildings, bridges and other types of infrastructure. Roads are no exception.

Concrete is capable of withstanding heavy loads, such as heavy vehicles, with less deformation rather than asphalt. Although the initial cost for building a concrete road is higher, taking into consideration the maintenance costs on the long run, it comes up with all its advantages. A concrete road serves from 20 to 30 years without major repairs while asphalt’s lifetime is less than 12 years ending up with a complete resurfacing or costly complete repair.