An Excellent Meka Automation System for Every Expert

Control panel completely consists of SIEMENS equipment that can easily be found worldwide, and it provides the best quality together with worldwide support. Since the panel does not include hardware specific to producer, it ensures maximum flexibility for the end user. Main Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) was chosen as highly reliable, strong and self-proven modular SIEMENS S7-300 which provides broad modification possibilities and is open to development. Since the PC and PLC connect through Ethernet connection (Local network), they ensure extremely short reaction times and high data transfer speeds. Separate touch panel makes it possible to operate without PC.

Real Time Visualization

Main screen of automation directly reflects the properties of the concrete plant it is used in. Easy to understand visualization and animation reflect the current status of relevant discharge cover, weighing machine, pump, valve and any other equipment. Apart from that, main automation screen is open for customization and it can be easily configured for changes in plant hardware.

3 Main Operation Modes

The system provides Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual use options. Transition between modes is possible with a single click from the main screen. System starts operation in Fully Automatic mode in default settings and continues like this until the production is complete. Operator can perform various minor interventions and corrections from the main screen by buttons on equipment. When intervention is detected, the system changes to Semi-Automatic mode. Operator may change to completely Manual mode when needed.