An Innovation from Meka That Brings Robust Engineering and High Capacity Together MB-135W and MB-200W

Considering the first investment costs, mixer of MB-120W model with 120 m³/hour capacity was increased from 3,0 m³ to 3,33 m³ without any change made in listing price (purchase cost). With this implementation, the capacity has increased to 135 m³/hour. Depending on the mixing duration, this concrete plant is the most efficient plant in its class with maximum 153 m³/hour capacity with said modification.

Again, mixer of MB-180W model with 180 m³/hour capacity was increased from 4,5 m³ to 5,0 m³ and the capacity was changed to 200 m³/hour without any change made in listing price (purchase cost). This concrete plant that has the highest capacity in MEKA’s standard product range is frequently used for many special applications other than ready-made concrete.

This implementation targeting truck mixers with 10 m³ capacity commonly used domestically provides flexibility for the user and allows production capacity increase without additional costs and without purchase cost increase.

MEKA is known as a reliable and flexible producer worldwide and it continues to develop more quality, faster and sturdier products with its strong R&D team and engineer staff.